European Cheerleading Championships 2018

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Greetings from the Netherlands to all the Coaches, Athletes and Supporters

We’d love to welcome you all to the Netherlands for the 24th European Cheerleading Championships.

When you think of the Netherlands, you might think about tulips, the rich history of the Netherlands or even the many museums, but Netherlands has much more to offer. There are lots of great cities in the Netherlands, such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht. The event will be held in `s Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch).

Because the Netherlands is a very small country, all these cities are within driving distance. For example, Amsterdam is only 1 hour and 15 minutes’ drive away from the Venue.    We want you to have fun and explore the wonderful city of `s Hertogenbosch so we prepared a map of the city for you download below.

Closer to the event weekend we will post all information on this site.  We kindly advise you to go through all the information with your team, prepare for the event and have an experience of a lifetime.

On behalf of the AFBN Cheerleading we wish you the best in your preparations toward the event and look forward to seeing you at the 24th European Cheerleading Championships in  `s Hertogenbosch, Netherlands.

With greetings from the Netherlands

Your LOC


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Hosting City & Venue

‘s Hertogenbosch

Welcome to ‘s Hertogenbosch. ‘s Hertogenbosch (Duke’s Forest), also known as Den Bosch, is the Capital of the province of North Brabant. It is known for its beautiful fortresses, Bossche Bol pastry, and its famous painter Jheronimus Bosch.

Den Bosch is a fortified city that has retained its medieval character. The city walls and fortifications of the fortified city of ‘s Hertogenbosch were built in the 16th and 17th centuries. Two rivers flow through the city: the Dommel and Binnendieze rivers.

Some of the remarkable sights are the Gothic St. Janskathedraall (Saint John’s Cathedral), the Stedelijk Museum, the Carnavalsmuseum and the Jheronimus Bosch Art Center, where you will learn everything about this most famous resident of the city.

Den Bosch is also known for its pastry. The most famous one is called Bossche bol pastry. It is a large profiterole (cream puff), somewhat larger than a tennis ball, which is filled with whipped cream and coated with chocolate. You can’t leave ‘s Hertogenbosch until you have tried this wonderful pastry!

Welcome To ‘s Hertogenbosch

Watch video. In only 22 seconds, a tour of this beautiful city…


Maaspoort Sports end Events, commonly known as the Maaspoort, is a Sports Complex located in s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. This large sports and events venue is located roughly seven kilometers from the city center. The convenient location, accessibility and extensive parking spaces make Maaspoort Sports & Events the ideal location for National and International events.


Maaspoort Sport & Events

Marathonloop 1

5235 AA ’s-Hertogenbosch


T: (073) 649 42 22



Rules and regulations

Download rules and regulations

Lunch packages

We are pleased to be able to offer excellent lunch packages.
For both days there will be two options to choose from.

Cold lunch option € 12, 50 per person, per day
Warm lunch option € 16, 00 per person, per day

Lunch package orders must be submitted with competition entries. Additional orders won’t be accepted after registration. Cold lunch options for both days to be collected from the café at the foyer. Warm lunch options for both days to be collected from the lunch buffet (room will be assigned for the event).


Cold lunch/ option 1:

Lunch bag with two Luxurious sandwiches (1 hard bread, 1 soft bread), 1 salad with smoked chicken, 1apple, 1 bottle of Orange juice, 1 energy bar.

Warm Lunch / option 2:

Fresh vegetable soup, Lasagna Bolognese, vegetarian Lasagna, 2 different types of salads, bread with different types of butter, 1 bottle of Orange Juice.


Cold lunch/ option 1:

Lunch bag with two Luxurious sandwiches (1 hard bread, 1 soft bread), 1 salad Caprese, 1 Banana, 1 bottle of Orange juice, 1 Candy bar.

Warm Lunch / option 2:

Tomato soup, noodles and fried rice, Chicken satay, two different type of salads, atjar, prawn chips, 1 bottle of Orange juice.


Through these web sites you can book an accommodation with NH Hotels for a discounted price.

NH Conference Centre Koningshof (28th June, 29th June and 30th June)


For the other hotels please make a reservation through e-mail or via telephone.
Using a code “EK Cheerleading Den Bosch” you will receive event discount.

Rooms at Nelson City Resort Oss:

  • € 109,00 per night including breakfast for two persons
  • excluding the tourist tax of € 1,10 per person per night

Rooms City Resort Hotel Helmond:

  • € 109,00 per night including breakfast for two persons
  • excluding the tourist tax of € 1,50 per person per night









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